Evolution of disposition in the room from September 2008 to July 2010.

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8: The Ceeling


Wallpaper on the ceeling has a rugged surface, creating light and shadow contrasts on low-angle light direction. Four different light sources with different light temperature, direction and angle create different textures on the ceeling.

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7: The Corners


Each corner of the room is differentiated in materials, visual vocabulary, use, and ambient. Each corner is a total design.

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Model (1:10) for a new computer table. Consists of 3 OSB boards 50/50cm, 2 irregular boards and 4 wheels.
The computer case goes on the lower board positioned vertically, while monitor and keyboard go on the upper board that is a cantilever.

5: Possesions


I am currently in a process of reducing dependance of oneself to physical space, with the ideal goal of owing only a computer with digital data, and clothes.

Things without meaning to me are immidiately thrown away.
Things with value are digitalised if possible, scanned or photographed. Things that are difficult to digitalise are studied, and documented in any way possible.


Example of deleted things:
1. Handcrafted metal and glass box. A birthday present from a already forgotten friend. Never used it for something, nor in contact with the friend anymore.
2. A Seashell. The context forgotten, no memories or feeling attached. Nice as a work of nature, but that is not enough.
3. AM antenna. Only reason to keep it is a possibility to listed to AM radio, but since I never listen AM radio, the possibility is very small.

4: Book Shelf


Finished indexing of books. They are arranged according to genre, softcover or hardcover, color and contrast on the ridge, size.
The genres are: Novels, analytical books about society, architecture books, magazines and flyers.
The visual order makes it easier to read titles on the ridge, othervise visualy chaotic.



3: Chair redesign


Another piece of movable furniture is an Marcel Breuer design chair. I realised that today, after sitting on it whole my childhood. The metal is elastic and deforms slightly upon sitting, therefore softening the impact.

For use, the chair has to be repaired. I will use the opportunity to redesign it. The original version of the chair had transparent seating,  in a manner that was possible then. The solid seating reduces the effect of the thin mettalic frame.

This is the current repository of movable pieces of furniture in the room. The pieces are black to make them unobtrusive, and to make them seem like symols, to reduce their rhetoric.



A Room is an interior design project.

1 Process of changing spatial organisation, already finished, will be shown retrospectively.

2 Process of changing visual vocabulary, currently active.

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